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Lucan Biddulph is transitioning to digital planning application submissions using a web-based system called Cloudpermit. Through Cloudpermit you can apply for and see the status of your planning application anywhere, at anytime. In addition, you can start an application and finish it later, you can receive email updates on the status of your application, and a record of all documents will be retained for reference.

Currently, the following application types are being accepted on Cloudpermit:

  • Minor Variance
How to Start An Application:

To start a new application:

  • Login to Cloudpermit.
  • Click Create a New Application in your dashboard.
  • Give a name for your application that includes the property address and type of application, for example "123 Walnut Street Minor Variance," and click Next.
  • Select Province and Municipality from the drop-down menus in Location for the application section.
  • Enter the property's address or a roll number to find your property. You can also click and drag with a mouse on the interactive map with GIS to search for the property on the map.
  • Select Planning approval for the application type.
  • Select Category, Scope, and Proposed Use. Some applications may not include the selection of scope and proposed use. Then click Next.
  • In the Summary, select if you are the applicant or agent, then click Finish & Create.
  • Follow the pre-consultation meeting instructions.


How to Sign Off on the Application

The Agent Authorization Form, if applicable, is to be filled out and signed by the registered owner(s) of the subject lands. This document must be downloaded, printed, signed, and uploaded onto Cloudpermit.

The Statutory Declaration Form must be filled out and signed either by the authorized agent, if applicable, or the registered owner(s) of the subject lands under the witness of a Commissioner of Oaths. This document must be downloaded, printed, signed, and uploaded onto Cloudpermit. If you require a qualified individual to witness the signature(s), please contact the Township Office to schedule an appointment.

How to Submit a Payment

The Township of Lucan Biddulph accepts various forms of payment as follows:

  1. PAYMENT IN PERSON:  Applicants can attend in person at 270 Main Street, Lucan, ON and pay by either cash, cheque or interact.  Note payment can also be submitted in the drop-box located next to the staff entrance door.  Please reference the Planning Application Number when placing payment in the drop box.

  2. ELECTRONIC FUNDS TRANSFER:  Applicants can submit payment via e-transfer to @email  Please reference the Planning Application Number in the message line when choosing this method.

  3. ONLINE VIA CREDIT CARD:  Lucan Biddulph now accepts online payments via credit card.  Please refer to the Municipal Services, Billing & Payments section on the Township website for instructions and link to Paymentus.  Note you will need to contact staff for your account number prior to submitting your payment using this method. 

Disclaimer: The Lucan Biddulph payment system is built and managed by a 3rd party payment vendor, Paymentus.  A 2.5% convenience fee charged by Paymentus is added to each online transaction.  Lucan Biddulph receives no additional revenue from the convenience fee.

Planning application fees can be found on the Fees By-Law

Please note that payment will not be processed until the application has been deemed complete by the municipality.

Additional Support for Cloudpermit

For any additional assistance and troubleshooting on Cloudpermit, visit the applicant user guide page.

If you still require assistance, log into your Cloudpermit account, click “Support” found at the top right of the page, and submit a ticket.

Planning Applications & Guides

We do understand that not everyone will be able to submit digital files and hard copy submissions will still be accepted at the Municipal office. Traditional application forms can be found under the drop down menu for each application type below or at the Municipal Office.

The Municipality is working to also include the following application types on Cloudpermit however they are still being accepted by hard copy at this time:

  • Site Plan Control Application
  • Official Plan Amendment Application
  • Zoning By-law Amendment Application
  • Plan of Subdivision/Condominium Application
  • Consent Application

Hardcopy applications can be submitted to the Municipality (or the County for Plan of Subdivision / Condominium) directly. Application forms can be found under the drop down menu for each application type below or at the Municipal Office.

Minor Variance
Zoning By-Law Amendment
Official Plan Amendment
Site Plan Application
Farm Surplus Dwelling
Subdivision Guide


Planning Documents

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For more information on Planning Services contact: 

Dan FitzGerald, Planner

519-434-7321 x 2292