Waste/Recycling Collection Notice

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Recycling Truck
Bluewater Recycling Truck

Notice:  May 12, 2022

Attention Lucan Biddulph residents:

Message from Bluewater Recycling Association:

Some residents may experience a change in collection service sequence from now on. Where possible, we use one truck to collect both waste and recyclables, at the same time, albeit in separate compartments in the truck. Waste is delivered to the Twin Creeks Landfill in Watford while the recyclables are brought back to our processing facility in Huron Park.

As a result of some growth in the area, resulting in capacity issues and our requirements to deliver the waste by a certain time at the landfill, it is possible that your WASTE bin will be collected FIRST and your RECYCLING bin may be collected LATER in the day when our truck returns from the landfill with more capacity and time.